Social Security is a like a Rubik’s Cube – it would be easy to solve if it were all one color. But it’s not, and quality advice is only possible with accuracy and expertise you can trust.

Social Security Is Complicated

Social Security is complicated. Even though the Balanced Budget Act of 2015 quashed the popular “file and suspend” and is phasing out the “restricted application” over the next several years, there are still more than 10,000+ strategies to consider. This makes crafting the right claiming strategy for clients complex and difficult. Without software, you simply can’t get this right.

You Get What you Pay For

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

There may be less expensive – even free – tools available, but the quality of the advice you give clients matters. Your clients are expecting you to give them quality Social Security advice, and new fiduciary rules are making it a requirement. There’s no better time to team up with the market leader.

New Fiduciary Standard

With new fiduciary standards rolled out by the Department of Labor, it’s clear that advisors are expected to put their clients’ interests first. That means that suitability is no longer the bar for passing along advice. Now advisors are expected to provide the best possible advice to clients.

It’s simply not feasible for a Social Security claiming tool with a handful of strategies to deliver the best possible advice to your clients. Your financial planning software that claims to “optimize” Social Security likely isn’t covering the fiduciary bases either.


What Our Users Say

“I tested other tools before I chose SSAnalyzer. It is definitely the most comprehensive and it’s easy to use. I’m confident I’m giving my clients good advice about Social Security.”