SSAnalyzer is RANKED as the #1 Social Security software for financial advisors in an independent survey by Joel Bruckenstein and Bob Veres.

Backed By Research

The SSAnalyzer software has the power of published research behind it. Our founders have written more than a dozen articles published in esteemed journals like the Journal of Financial Planning and the Financial Analyst Journal. You can count on the accuracy of the SSAnalyzer because it’s been validated by research and application.

Above The Competition

We’re different from any other Social Security software out there because:

  • We’re backed by extensive research.
  • We’re independent. We don’t promote any financial products. We are only concerned with the best claiming strategy.
  • Our software was built by experts in Social Security and we provide support from experts.
  • We provide various levels of service to fit your needs.

We’re better than any other Social Security software out there because:

  • We have the most robust logic available.
  • Our support team are experts in Social Security.
  • We give you more business building tools.
  • We work with more household types than any other.

Isn’t it time you partnered with the market leader in Social Security?


What Our Users Say

“Since implementing the software, we’ve not only deepened our relationships we have with our existing clientele, but we’ve further defined our value proposition for those prospect who are shopping for a new wealth advisor.”